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Erin LaPointe enjoys sharing her passion for health and nutrition as a Health and wellness Coach. 

She teaches her clients about which foods, home remedies, lifestyle changes, and alternative therapies will work for THEIR BODY whether the goal is for everyday living and nutrition or the healing of symptoms.

Her unique approach involves working with clients to look at the WHOLE PICTUREand then helping them choose from a myriad of solutions.

Erin maintains a vibrant practice offering private and group consultations as well as educational workshops. She is the mother of three, raising her children naturally, while educating them to embrace the gifts of whole nutrition, natural remedies, and listen to the wisdom of their bodies.   


I love working with Erin; she is passionate and knowledgeable in so many areas of nutrition and wellness. She listens to my issues and concerns with kindness and compassion, working with me to set goals that move me along a path to personal wellness at a pace that's best not only for my body, but also for my lifestyle. I am a mother of four, and every single member of my family has benefited from Erin's knowledge. Rather than coming in with an agenda or preconceived ideas on what will work for me, Erin works with me to find ways to make baby steps toward achieving goals in a way that is not overwhelming.

Andrea, Naperville, 48


Erin is both an incredible mentor and friend. She listens with an open mind and heart, which allows her to truly hear and understand what each person needs. I first met her over Skype when I was in college and struggling with migraines. I can truly say that the day I met her was a turning point for me. Since then she has become one of the most important and supportive women in my life. Erin, because of who she is and what she knows, has made my life and my health better than I ever thought it would be. 

Alexandria, Naperville, 22


I'll cut right to the chase and tell anyone and everyone that will listen. Erin has transformed me as a mother and in turn saved my family from a long list of ailments and suffering through her health and wellness coaching and expertise. She is so knowledgeable in just about every topic I could think of. From children's supplements to essential oils and safety during pregnancy, any question I've had she has not only given me an evidence based answer but how to apply it in a way that fits my lifestyle. 

She delivers the information in a gentle, genuine and positive way that I can understand without making me feel guilty for why the problem is there to begin with, like so many medical professionals have in the past.

I trust Erin with my children's health and wellbeing more than anyone else on Earth. I am eternally grateful for her and her ability to think outside of the box and help me be the best person in the best health I can be.

THANK YOU ERIN, from the very bottom of my heart.

Emily, 29 (kids 4 and 9 months) 

What is a Health and Wellness Coach and why does someone need one?

A Health and Wellness Coach is someone who has taken their own journey to wellness and has been educated in nutrition, lifestyle, mental health and more to help support their clients. There is so much information out there on health and our bodies are all unique. There is so much to consider when striving for optimal health. Something that seems to work miracles for your neighbor or friend might give you the opposite results. When you try a change with your health, whether it has to do with nutrition or lifestyle, and then it doesn’t work, it is frustrating and can feel like you have failed. A health coach can simplify your journey and help to remove obstacles and barriers that prevent the client from reaching their goals on their own. Those who are supported by a coach on their journey to wellness have more success and struggle less when making changes. This makes the process not only illuminating and effective, but also fun!

When you’re struggling to create change in your health. When you don’t know where to start.

When you feel frustrated and want to give up even though you know you need a change.

When you’re ready for change but you’re not sure what to do.

That’s when you need a health coach.

I’m amazed at how the simple act of reserving time to expand your wellness, can create awareness and intuition that makes change happen with grace and ease.

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 Erin LaPointe of Flourish, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Erin LaPointe of Flourish, Certified Health and Wellness Coach